How to View Affiliate Ads

Don't want to see branded ads? WhatRunsWhere makes it extraordinarily easy to view Affiliate Ads by selecting our newest filter, Only Show Affiliate Ads. 

"Show All Ads" includes Branded and Affiliate Ads. 

"Only Show Affiliate Ads" includes only Affiliate Ads. 

From any Entity Profile page (Advertiser, Site, Category, Network) or Top Ads/Keywords Search, click on  "Only Show Affiliate Ads". Below we'll go through the different profiles you can view, and how this will make your life easy. 

Top Ads - Identify top offers and affiliate ads. Change the filters to see different top ads based upon ad type, country, time frame or ad size! 

Keyword Search - Identify top affiliate ads for a specific keyword

Category Profile - Identify top affiliate ads from one of our 33 categories. Full list of categories here

Identify top advertisers (affiliates) in each of our categories, top traffic sources and creatives. Example below is for Fitness & Weightloss Category

Site Profile - Identify top affiliates (advertisers) that are running on specific sites. Understand what networks they are using and see top performing creatives. 

Network Profile - Identify top affiliates (advertisers) that are running on specific networks. View top creatives and top traffic sources that are being used on that network. Want to see full lists of our networks? 

Desktop Networks
Native Networks
Mobile Networks

Advertiser Profile

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