Scenario... I Know What Sites I Want To Buy Media On

If you know what sites you want to purchase ad inventory on whether through a direct media buy or buying site specific inventory through an exchange or demand side platform (DSP), you can quickly find out the best way to advertise on those websites and maximize your ROI using WhatRunsWhere.

By using our site search you can quickly find:

  • Who is advertising on the sites you’re interested in
  • What ads they’re using
  • Who’s serving that inventory
  • What type of inventory is available for purchase

Search the site url in the omnibar, select the site and hit enter. This will return a site profile, showing you advertisers who have been advertising on the site. You can sort the results by Ad Strength (how frequently an advertiser appears on site relative to the top advertiser across all channels) to identify the largest advertisers on the site. Once you identify the types of advertisers that are doing well on the site you can decide how to best craft your ad creatives for the site.

For, United States, last 30 days - when we sort by Ad Strength we can see how frequently an advertiser appears on relative to the top advertisers across all channels. The largest advertisers over the past 30 days was, and 

Click "View Details" to see the specific creatives used by the advertiser on the site. Get ideas for your own campaigns. 

The Ad Types breakdown can help you quickly identify which ad types are being used on the site and which ones are being used the most. The majority of ads WRW has seen on are native ads at 75%. 

Since there were more native ads, you probably want to switch your ad type to native ads to see the top creatives. Top Ads will show the most popular ad content on that website. Click on "View top x of y ads" to see native ads that are being displayed on The creative viewer will launch, and the ads will be sorted by "Score", a relative measure of how frequently we have seen ads. Helping you to quickly identify top performing content. 

Spot trends between the ads that are doing best so that you can figure out how to incorporate these into your ads. Your ads will perform better off the bat and you can make informed decisions on your next media buys.

Network breakdown quickly shows you which networks are being used on the site. This helps you plan how you are going to buy ad inventory on the site - will you go direct or purchase through a network that they are using? This breakdown helps you quickly identify your options. 

By using this data you can figure out what content should work best on any website and better execute campaigns. This intelligence can also help to evolve your existing campaigns with new sites or better targeted and optimized ads.

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