Scenario... I Only Know My Niche, Not My Competitors

If you only know the niche or online market you want to buy ad inventory in, don’t worry!  WhatRunsWhere provides a function that can help you start gathering intel with a single keyword search. To use this feature, go to the “ By Keyword” tab. 

1. Type in a keyword (ex. diet) or even a full phrase (ex. "diet pill). When searching multiple words, only phrases in quotation marks will be searched for in the respective order. Typing multiple words without using quotations will result in ads that relate to both of those words, but not necessarily in the written order.

2. Apply any filters necessary by clicking the "Change" text. You can adjust to search to limit by:

  • Ad Network
  • Country
  • Duration 

3. Hit "Search" and WhatRunsWhere scans ad copy, URL text and landing page copy to find ads relevant to your keywords. Searching “diet”, for example, will show keywords that have the word diet throughout the ad copy, URL and landing pages.

Looking over niche ads (example below) can give you valuable insight to what advertisers are finding lucrative in that niche. You can spot trends between ads and build on successful designs. If most ads use a similar call to action or theme, you may want to think about testing something similar within your own campaigns.

Clicking on an ad will pull up stats about that ad (example below), including where that ad has been seen. By clicking on ads that interest you, you can easily compile a comprehensive profile of types of sites to advertise on and build or supplement a media buy campaign.

This information can be used in a manner that is very similar to the advertiser search feature. You can quickly identify the sites and themes advertisers you are interested in have in common, which will allow you to better understand where you should be buying. Using preexisting test information, you can minimize campaign risk and maximize you or your ROI.

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