Using WhatRunsWhere to monitor your competition (tutorial)

If you know who your competition is

Then simply enter their advertising URLs into the By Advertiser search. We’ll pull up a report on everything they've done since we've seen them. Please remember that sub domains are treated as separate domains so there is more data you can access if your competition uses multiple sub domains to advertise.

To keep track of your competitors and be notified of when they serve new ads, use the Domain Tracking tool. Enter their URL into "Domain Tracking". Once you've added them to your list we’ll show you all their ads as “new ads”, click mark as seen to simply check these off (if you've seen them). When new ads are seen these will be marked as "new" and you can also view a historical progression of all ads in the historical ads tabs.

The Domain Tracking tool helps you identify when competitors come up with new ad ideas, when they launch split test variations, and how their marketing initiatives and campaigns have changed overtime.

Check back frequently (we suggest every time you log in to quickly check the tab) to know exactly what your competitor(s) are up to. You should also be exporting placement data frequently and comparing it against sporadic direct advertiser lookups to spot evolutionary changes in terms of where they’re buying and how they’re buying.

If you don’t know who your competition is

Simply do a By Keyword search on the left hand side in both the text and banner categories (with all networks selected) for relevant keywords. Once the ads pop up, see which ones are potential (or real) competitors. Plug these into the advertiser quick search to check that they’re active and a legitimate competitor, and then follow the steps outlined above!

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