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View who is advertising on a site, which Networks are being used to place ads, and top ads on the site. WhatRunsWhere searches for sites by their domain. A site is any domain that sells its ad inventory to other websites, whether through a network or by a direct media buy. 

  1. Start your site search by clicking on the search bar, type in the domain of the site
  2. Select the site you want to view and the profile will load. 
    • Tip: Type in the domain slowly and let the built in auto-complete feature generate a drop-down menu of complete URLs and then select the correct domain and entity type

Running a search "wsj" will bring up different entity profiles we have with wsj in the autocomplete. For Wall Street Journal ( there are advertiser and site entity profiles, select the site profile. The type of entity is written on the right hand side, entity options include Advertiser, Site, Network and Category. If you are looking for only site profiles ensure you select the right profile.

Now let's go through what is shown and how to customize the Site Profile

Filter Options and Tracking

Switching between Desktop, Native and Mobile click on 'Desktop' and select which data you would like to view.
Networks select a network that you want to view
Country select a specific country you want to view for the Advertiser
Time Frame select which time frame you would like to view. We now also offer custom time ranges - make sure you check it out!
Track a Site select "Track" in the top right hand corner. Now this site will show up when you login in the dashboard. Want to stop tracking an site? Click "Stop Tracking". 

Ad Types Breakdown

Percentage of each Ad Type - Desktop, Native and Mobile


Lists advertisers that served their ads on the site, based upon the filters selected. Default filters are Desktop, All Networks, United States, Last 30 Days. 

The data found in the Advertiser section is important for understanding who is purchasing ads on the site.

The table shows five attributes about each advertiser

  • Advertiser domain of the advertiser
  • Networks how the advertiser placed ads on that site. Either the advertiser has worked with a Network, for example Rubicon Project to place their ad. Or the advertiser purchased a direct media buy of ad space on the site which is displayed as “Direct". 
  • Ad Strength  how frequently an advertiser appears on site relative to the top advertiser across all channels
  • Active Days number of days the advertiser was active on the site within your filtered time frame
  • View Details view the exact advertisements we located on the site specifically for the advertiser

Sort any of the attributes in ascending or descending order.

Keep in mind you can export the data in the table also by selecting the "Export" button 

Top Ads

View the ten top ads on the site. Creatives are sorted by Score 

Want to view traffic source & landing page data for a creative? Click on the creative, an ad profile will launch in a new window. 

Want to view more ads? Bottom left hand corner, click on "View all X ads". This will launch a separate creative profile for the site where you can see all ads for all advertisers we've detected on that site. You can also sort by different ad sizes. 

On the creative viewer the ads can be sorted by Score, Recently Seen or Recently Discovered. 
Score relative measure of how frequently we have seen ads
Recently Seen last time we saw ads
Recently Discovered when ads were discovered

Network Breakdown

Percentage of ad inventory placed through each Network on the Site

Categories Breakdown

Percentage breakdown of the types of Advertisers that are placing ads on the site

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