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WhatRunsWhere makes it easy to find the top performing ads and campaigns in a specific niche on Desktop, Native and Mobile with Top Ads Search. Our keyword search will help you gather comprehensive ad intelligence for a single word or phrase. This is very useful if you don't necessarily know who your competitors are, are looking for other affiliates running similar offers, or if you are interested in a specific product or niche. Keyword search will bring up creatives that match the keyword from the last 12 months.

How do I access the Keyword Search? Click "Top Ads/Keyword Search" beside the search bar. 

Now that your looking at Top Ads, select the different filters you want to apply. The key differentiator between using Top Ads and Keyword Search is entering a Keyword in the "Filter by keyword" field. 

How do you want the top ads shown to you? Ads can be sorted by Score, Recently Seen or Recently Discovered.  

Score relative measure of how frequently we have seen ads
Recently Seen last time we saw ads
Recently Discovered when ads were discovered

If you want to use the Keyword Search feature, enter a keyword in the "Filter by keyword" field. Example keywords are provided, "solar" and "diet". 

Need keywords ideas for your niche or product? Reach out to 

If you do not enter a keyword, you are using the Top Ads feature. 
If you want to show Top Ads for a keyword on one network, use the "Filter by network" field and enter the network name. Don't forget to wait for the autocomplete feature to select the network. 

Then select Ad TypeAd SizeCountry and Time Frame. Hit enter, the search will return results based upon the filters applied. This will collect and display all relevant ads within our database that have the word “diet” in the entire URL of the landing page. 

Tip: Looking for top performing Native Ads? Select "Native" as the Ad Type. 

Looking over these top performing ads will give you valuable insight into what other advertisers have found lucrative in the searched niche. You can spot trends between ads and build on successful designs.

If most ads use a similar call to action, image, or theme, you may want to think about testing something comparable within your own campaigns. Isolating common phrases in top performing ads can also help you understand what is producing results for your competitors.

Click on an ad to view an ad profile which includes landing page and traffic source data.

By clicking on ads that interest you, you can easily compile a comprehensive profile of sites you may want to advertise on. You can then use this information to build new, or supplement existing display campaigns.

This information can be used in a manner that is similar to the advertiser profile. You can quickly identify the common placements, content, and themes that are proving lucrative for that key word or phrase. This will allow you to better understand where to place your ads, how to build your own successful creatives and other key insights. Using content that has been already tested and proven to perform, you can minimize campaign risk and maximize your ROI.

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