Top Ads Search

WhatRunsWhere makes it easy to find the top performing ads and campaigns on Desktop, Native and Mobile with Top Ads Search. You can use this to find out what advertisers are doing well regardless of niche, to get ideas for your next campaigns.

How do I access Top Ads? Click "Top Ads/Keyword Search" beside the search bar. 

Now that your looking at Top Ads, select the different filters you want to apply. 

First, how do you want the top ads shown to you? Ads can be sorted by Score, Recently Seen or Recently Discovered.  

Score relative measure of how frequently we have seen ads
Recently Seen last time we saw ads
Recently Discovered when ads were discovered

If you want to use the Top Ads feature, do not enter a keyword in the "Filter by keyword" field. If you enter a keyword,  you are using the Keyword Search feature. 
If you want to show Top Ads across all networks, don't "Filter by network". 

Then select Ad Type, Ad Size, Country and Time Frame. Hit enter, the search will return results based upon the filters applied. 

Tip: Looking for top performing Native Ads? Select "Native" as the Ad Type. 

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